The most famous streaming service for viewing Hollywood programs and series. HBO NOW is a revelation for every customer who uses it. HBO NOW can be viewed on Smart phones, PC’s and any other media players. People don’t prefer the normal cable channels nowadays and are increasingly attracted towards services like Hulu and Netflix. The HBO NOW is available in 4K and even HDR which can be viewed in consoles such as Xbox One X and Xbox One S. More than gaming, Xbox One offers you a unique experience of viewing programs in a good streaming quality. HBO NOW has nearly eight hundred thousand subscribers and this is clearly on the rise. HBO NOW on Xbox One is making a huge impression these days.

HBO Now on Xbox One

HBO Now on Xbox One

Methods to Fix Issues For HBO Now on Xbox One

It is common for consoling platforms to face issues in streaming the channels or the services we like. There will be various reasons for the faults that happen in your XBOX ONE. The commands are given below:

1. Try Resetting the Device

Well if we have more problems in streaming the device. Then start by hard resetting or rebooting the XBOX ONE console. You will have to do this because rebooting helps to make your XBOX One in a more prefect and significant way. Here are the steps for resetting:

  • For a time period of ten seconds, tap and hold on the power button
  • Then after some time, the console turns itself off
  • After this, again activate the XBOX one.

2. App Update Process

You must update the app then and there for obtaining good results. The app may not work properly. The commands for the app update are:

  • First in your device, select the menu option for surfing on to the menu
  • Then the manage app option must be tapped
  • Check out for the app updates in the update platform
  • Finally, the settings option must be opened
  • In the end, the update can be finished and the process is consider done.

3. Internet Connection

Sometimes your internet connection may be a prime problem for a error in the HBO Now on Xbox One. Because of a slow connection you may be facing various issues on your XBOX one app. The commands for solving problems in the connection are listed below:

  • So, for this, try using the wired network for successful results
  • As said before, rebooting your XBOX one may give you a better perspective.
  • Or else choose the diagnostics and troubleshooting option

Try the XBOX One guide which is found in the console itself. Finally test the network capability by choosing the concerned option. If these methods don’t work out, you have to setup a static IP address, move on to the advanced settings and feed the DNS input. In the end, start the XBOX again.

4. Try Signing In and Out

This solution is rarest of the rare. So firstly, using your user ID and your password, Sign in the XBOX one for seeing whether it works or not. Sometimes if conditions are not favorable, then check in and out of the XBOX ONE. Wait for a period of time and check the condition of the app yet again. So, if you do this you can possibly get some favored solutions. Well you can cut the power supply off and turn it on again for making the app work.

5.App Re-installation

This method packs the rest of all. So first uninstall the app you have downloaded in the XBOX ONE platform and download the app yet again. So, the app reinstallation can give you the desired results. The commands to install the app again are:

  • There will be an option named ‘My games and apps‘, try to open it
  • On your XBOX ONE, the menu option must be chosen
  • You can uninstall the app after this process
  • Then you can hard reset your console if you need
  • Finally, download the HBO NOW