Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are important and useful as we collect the required documents from our customers. Read and you will know what are the documents that we collect

Accept these policies

It’s important to understand and accept these policies before you proceed to access our service.  The data or information furnished on our webpage is intended to enhance user experience and not for personal use.

Data collection methods

Collecting the required data via email messages or chat is often followed. These documents will be referred during service activation or cancellation

What are the documents that we gather?

The required data that we gather from our customers include

  • Customer name and contact information ( Name and Email ID)
  • Private information such as banking and credit card details
  • Error reports- Refer these reports to know the reason and cause of the error
  • Location information- Required as you activate or cancel the service
  • Device reports- Will have the device features and specifications, technical data and much more
  • Plan orders and service plans- Collected and will have the service-related information


We maintain these documents confidential and do not share it with the third-party authorities or judicial authorities. If at all we share, it will be with the prior consent and approval of our customers

User responsibility – Both website authorities and users must be responsible to secure and safeguard the confidential information


Once you subscribe or activate our services, you are free to cancel at any time and it’s the refund or chargeback policy that plays the role here

Cookies– Visit the respective settings to enable cookies and often we use these settings to improve website traffic, track the document downloads and much more

Agreement– Accept and agree to these policies and you will receive an intimation as you visit our webpage or activate our services.Understand these policies and if you would like to know more, recommend you to read the updates posted on our webpage. Besides you can also reach out to our customer support techies right away.