Terms and Conditions

Suggest you to read understand and adhere to the terms and conditions and privacy policies. These are regulations that bind the customers and website authorities.If you would like to subscribe to any of our services or to activate hbonow-com-tvcode.com, let us provide few updates here.

What are the top services that we offer

Being an independent service provider, we always focus on customer satisfaction and timely support offered. Include channel activation assistance, resolving channel activation errors activation and lot more.

Privacy policies, an integral part of terms and conditions

As privacy policy narrates an important section of terms and conditions ,refer to know how we collect the required documents from our customers. Before you accept and adhere to the regulations, here we update you more about our service.

Judicial Rules and regulation

Its all about the legal regulations that we follow. As these are framed by the concerned judicial authorities, it’s important to get a clear idea of the dos and don’ts.Suggest you not to violate these regulations at any point of time.

Copyright Rules and regulation

We do not recommend using the information available on our web page for personal use. Copy right regulations are incorporated to prevent misuse, misinterpretation, using the data or information for personal use and much more.

What if the regulations are VIOLATED?

Those users who involve in such practices will be penalized and our website authorities will not be liable under any circumstances. It’s important to maintain good conduct as you interact with the website authorities .

Our teams of certified experts are happy to support you round the clock and you just need to dial the customer support number on our web page. Visit our web page to know what are the changes that we make.